Hello World!

Sooo It happened… I started blog, like every other folk in IT 😅

To be honest, I always wanted to contribute to the community knowledge. I thought this blog would be a great way to express what I’ve learned and on topics that interest me now. What’s more I don’t want to stick on solely programming topics. In this place I will introduce tools that I use, which help me in my work. I will also share some books or worth mentioning materials that I read.

My main goal now is to expand even broader my Flutter skills, revise native iOS and Android abilities and master Nest.js. I always wanted to have a showcase project, that could be my business card. To do that, I want to make apps that will use all of the previously mentioned technologies. (Project codenamed “Acacia”) I’m planning to do that at the turn of this and new year.

If you have read the section “about me”, you know that I’ve never programmed in Kotlin (Java boy here 😎). I think that this project will be a great opportunity to hop in this technology and learn some cool stuff.

I hope you will accompany me in this journey!

See you soon! 👋